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manic pixie dream boy
Tim Minchin : so fucking rock
  • 06:42 @Hoopybees What are you translating (into)? #
  • 06:43 I need some of that funky laptop cleaner stuff, stat! #
  • 06:44 DUDE. @timminchin is at Sonisphere this year! As if that impossibly expensive and awkwardly scheduled fest couldn't get more awesome. #
  • 06:46 China Mieville's won the Arthur C. Clarke award with 'The City and the City'. Must, must, must remember to pick that up. #
  • 07:23 Got @timminchin's 'Ten Foot Cock and a Few Hundred Virgins' song stuck in my head. Must try not to absently sing under my breath in public. #
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30.04.10 (UTC)
hey hey so are you actually going to sonisphere fest?
02.05.10 (UTC)
I can't. It's so annoying, because they keep confirming so many awesome bands and people, but I just can't. If I want to go to Edinburgh this summer, that's basically all the money I have. Are you going?
02.05.10 (UTC)
yeahh man, i am. i had such an amazing time last year, when my friend won tickets so we went for free. that was pretty sweet, & a great experience because i wasn't that interested in the actual bands (except nin & the used, that was awesome) but, you know, nice to see music for free. so i thought i'd go again this year because, like you said, really awesome bands & people playing this year. s'a shame you can't go, but any festival is a good time, so if you're going to edingburgh that's still pretty sweet. :)
07.05.10 (UTC)
Have an extra good time for me? I'll be thinking of how much fun you're having while I'm, I dunno, at home feeding the dog or something.
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