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Fanfiction by telynmurali 
Tim Minchin : so fucking rock
Here's a list of all my fanfiction. This post will keep being updated as long as I keep writing.

Robin Hood

A Good Idea (Will, Allan; 100 words; U)
Drabble. AU. Spoilers for 1.12 and 1.13. As if Will and Allan didn’t come back.

Actions Speak Louder (Will/Allan, Robin; 2,834 words; 18)
AU. Sequel to Boys Will Be Boys. Robin is creepy, Allan is the good guy, and Will has issues.

And (Robin/Much/Carter; 246 words; 15)
Spoilers for 2.08. Much is having trouble getting his head around the idea of a threesome.

A Night (Marian/Djaq, Robin/Much, Will/Allan, Little John; 400 words; 12A)
Four drabbles. This night, it seems as if there’s something in the air...

A Night In The Life
(Gisborne/Sheriff, Sheriff/Robin, Gisborne/Marian; 459 words; 12A)
A typical night in the life of Sir Guy of Gisborne.

After The Fact (Allan/Gisborne; 100 words; 18)
Drabble. Spoilers for 2.05. Allan can't sleep, and with good reason.

An Hour’s Rain (Will/Allan; 100 words; 15)
Drabble. It’s raining on Will and Allan.

Bathtime (Robin/Much; 446 words; 12)
Robin returns to camp, foiled in a particularly inglorious manner.

Beautiful Dreamer
(Will/Allan; 200 words; 12A)
Spoilers for 1.01. To Will, it all feels like a dream.

Belief (Will/Allan; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. Spoilers for 2.01. Lying is Allan’s stock-in-trade.

Boys Will Be Boys (Robin/Much; 1,181 words; 18)
AU. Set in the present-day, and the gang are schoolkids, with all the angst and delinquency that goes with it. Much still can't resist Robin.

Consolation (Robin/Much; 3,033 words; 18)
Written for acetamide for secretsheriff. Past!fic. Robin and Much stop off in London on their way to the Holy Land, and ale and fear loosen their tongues.

Different Heroes (Robin/Marian; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. Post-coitally, Robin still berates Marian for her choice to remain within 'the system'.

Fallen (Robin/Carter/Much; 371 words; 18)
PWP. Much ponders on how one falls for two people at once.

Forgiveness (Robin/Much; 1,047 words; 12A)
Spoilers for 1.12 and 1.13. Robin’s only weakness is Much.

Glitter (Will/Fool; 991 words; 15)
Spoilers for 2.09. To Will, the Fool is mysterious - and attractive.

Going Down (Robin/Much; 100 words; 15)
Drabble. This particular first time of Robin's couldn't be in better hands.

Good Morning (Marian/Djaq; 373 words; 15)
Morning at Knighton Hall, and Djaq watches Marian.

(Much; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. A catastrophe has befallen Much.

Honey & Vinegar (Djaq/Much; 200 words; 15)
Spoilers for 2.09. Much thinks Will can keep his honey; he wants Djaq for her vinegar.

I Do
(Robin/Marian; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. A typical Robin/Marian fight.

Keeping Warm
(Robin/Much; 2,358 words; 15)
It’s cold and dark, and Much is losing faith.

Knife Edge
(Robin/Much; 853 words; 12A)
Spoilers for 1.12 and 1.13. Much contemplates.

Left Behind
(Djaq; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. AU. Sequel to A Good Idea. Djaq’s perspective.

Lessons (Allan/Gisborne; 100 words; 12A)
Drabble. Allan wants Gisborne to teach him a lesson.

Made Of Scars (Much/Djaq; 100 words; 15)
Drabble. Much and Djaq find each other's history written in the form of old injuries.

Memories (Robin/Much; 3,385 words; 15)
Much’s memories, of his life and of Robin.

Must Be (Much, Marian; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. Much should be disappointed.

(Will/Allan; 100 words; 12A)
Drabble. Will has nightmares.

(Will/Allan; 2,531 words; 18)
Spoilers for 1.12 and 1.13. Will and Allan have a disagreement on the road.

Pigeons (Robin/Much; 609 words; 12A)
Set after 2.09. Much is stirred by Djaq's pigeon anecdote into telling Robin his story.

(Robin/Marian; 255 words; 12A)
Future!fic. Marian and Robin still like to play the lady and the outlaw.

(Robin/Much; 395 words; 15)
Much wakes in the night, at camp.

Sandwich (Robin/Much/Will; 266 words; 15)
Much wakes up to find himself in a compromising position.

Silent Night (Robin, Much; 100 words; U)
Drabble. Robin is woken by Much on a very special morning...

So (Carter/Much; 305 words; 15)
Much and Carter find they have something in common.

Stone Cold
(Gisborne/Sheriff; 618 words; 15)
An evening with the Sheriff, a la Gisborne.

Stunning (Will, the Fool; 100 words; U)
Drabble. Spoilers for 2.09. Will gets prettified.

(Marian/Djaq; 100 words; 12A)
Drabble. A sunrise over Knighton Hall. Djaq is there to witness it.

(Marian/Djaq; 1,186 words; 18)
PWP. They’re alone in the camp, and Marian makes the first move.

Sword Practice
(Gisborne; 691 words; U)
An introspective Sir Guy at sword practice.

The Art Of Being Happy
(Robin/Much; 233 words; 12A)
Much realises what real happiness feels like.

The End
(Allan; 100 words; U)
Drabble. Future!fic. Allan and the story of his days with the legendary Robin Hood.

Unsaid (Djaq/Much; 151 words; 12A)
There's one question Much can't bring himself to ask.

Upon Waking (Robin/Much; 1,397 words; 15)
Much is prone to nightmares, after returning from the Holy Land.

Watching Her
(Marian/Djaq; 100 words; 12)
Drabble. Djaq is overwhelmed by Marian.

What Freedom Feels Like (Much; 403 words; 12)
Spoilers for 2.13. Much finds out, for the first time in his life, what it really feels like to be free.

What Women Want
(Djaq, Little John; 100 words; U)
Drabble. AU/future!fic. After the fact, Djaq and John.

When We Were Young (Will/Allan; 200 words; 12)
Allan and Will swap childhood stories over a stolen keg.

Where You Lead
(Robin/Much; 100 words; 12A)
Drabble. Much will always follow where Robin leads.

Without Robin
(Much, Will, Allan, Djaq, Marian, Little John, Gisborne, Sheriff; 500 words; 12A)
AU. What life is like in the aftermath of losing Robin.

Words (Will/Allan; 298 words; 15)
Allan's too quiet when it matters.

Your Absent Hand (Will/Allan, Allan/Djaq, Will/Djaq, Robin/Much, Robin/Will/Allan, Allan/Djaq/Little John; 1,243 words; 18)
Outlawrgy. The gang get drunk and have an idea...


I am also participating in fanfic100; here is the link to my Little Damn Table of fic from prompts:


General RPF

Between Confidence And (Derren Brown; 742 words; 12A)
Gen. Based on the game of Russian roulette Derren played in 2003.

Celebrity (James May/Jeremy Clarkson, mentioned David Tennant/Richard Hammond; 1,160 words; 12A)
Failed morning!sex and frustration. James is with Jeremy, but maybe possibly probably secretly likes Richard too.

Diary Of An Escape (John Sessions/Tony Slattery; 600 words; 15)
Six drabbles. Whose Line? era. Tony flees one city for another; John puts him up.

Legerdemain (Derren Brown/Bernard Black; 314 words; PG)
Crossover. What happens when a famous magician walks into a run-down second-hand bookshop in London.

My Blood Approves (Derren Brown/Richard Hammond; 748 words; 12A)
Sequel to Secretary. Welcome to the morning after.

Procrastination (Richard Hammond/James May; 204 words; U)
Fluff! Love-sick silly buggers on the office sofa.

Secretary (Derren Brown/Richard Hammond; 255 words; 15)
PWP. Warnings for spanking and other (implied) kink.

Somnambulists (Brendon Urie/Jon Walker; 802 words; 12A)
Fluff. Brendon can't sleep.

Wait By A Palm Tree (Pete Wentz/Patrick Stump, Pete Wentz/Mikey Way, Patrick Stump/Bob Bryar; 2,107 words; 12)
Once upon a time, there was Pete and Mikey; then it ended. Now there's a second chance in the City of Angels.

Whistling In The Dark (John Sessions/Tony Slattery, Stephen Fry, Richard Vranch; 4,817 words; 15)
Whose Line? era. The dissolution of a relationship, from both sides.
25.03.09 (UTC)
Hello! Sorry to barge in like this, but I notice you have written some Derren Brown fanfiction, of which there is far too little, and I was wondering whether you'd consider posting it to derrenbrownfic. If you'd rather not, that's fine, but we'd love to have your work there.
26.03.09 (UTC)
Not barging in at all! Of course, I'd love to post what I've got over there. Also, yay! I've been thinking that Derren needed a fic community for a while. :)
29.03.09 (UTC)
Hello! Just reading this entry, I notice I've been a fan of yours for a while without realising it! I love your Robin Hood fics, and hope you'll be writing some Series 3 stories, I'm looking forwardto writing some, the new series has some provided me with some rather promising ideas!

Again, love your fic, keep up the great work!
29.03.09 (UTC)
Hi! *g* Thanks! I wasn't expecting to be as fired up by series 3 as I am so far, so I should hopefully be writing a few fics for this season. And I'm looking forward to seeing your work too!
15.05.11 (UTC)
Hey! I love all your Derren Brown fan fics! Please write more! I can never look at Richard Hammond the same way now though, but I love them! :D
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