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manic pixie dream boy
Friends Only 
08.09.05 (UTC)
Ooh. Lovely. :-D
08.09.05 (UTC)
^_^ Got it from icongoddess.
09.09.05 (UTC)
I should have known... *grins*
30.10.05 (UTC) - Add to friends
you noted in Nano forum to comment for addition to friends list..
06.11.05 (UTC)
erm Hi. I saw you on the Nano Erotic Fiction Forume annnd decided to add you... Don't ask why. I wanted a friend on lj that was also writing a nano. Only one of my friends are. It's a bit lonly when no one is sharing the stress. soo please add me *gives kitty eyes* I'll give you cookies.
07.01.06 (UTC) - Hey
Hey Jen, hows you?Have a good christmas?thanks for the card, it was good to hear from you again.
From 'Lessy :)
24.03.06 (UTC)
I found you via april fools. May I come in?
15.04.07 (UTC)
same here :)
20.06.07 (UTC)
found you through a fic on robinhoodbbc and i loved it! friended you
03.12.07 (UTC)
I'm friending you, if that's alright. You just seem awesomely squeeful and cool :) And you just wrote the best AU fic ever! XD *cough*bring on emo Will*cough*

03.12.07 (UTC)
Yay! New friend! Glad my insider emo knowledge can be put to some use. ^^
03.12.07 (UTC)
XD yay!

By the way, I hope you don't mind, but I'm now going to play in your AU through the form of fanart, but if you don't want me to then I won't. Just thought I'd let you know. It's crying out to be cartooned :D

03.12.07 (UTC)
Oooh! Mind? That's an awesome idea! (All excited now. :D) I can't wait to see it. ^^
16.12.07 (UTC)

Been reading a few of your Robin/Much fic and can't seem to be able to acess "forgiveness" is it Ok to add you as a freind to keep up to date with your fic and hopefully be ablt to read that one?
18.12.07 (UTC)
Hi! Of course, that'll be fine. ^^ 'Forgiveness' was my first ever RH fic, and it was posted on a journal that got deleted sometime between then and now, so it's the only fic on my personal journal. I hope you like it!
18.12.07 (UTC)
hmm still can't seem to find it, could you direct me to a link?
19.12.07 (UTC)
Eep! That's my fault, I had resolved to add you as a friend and then somehow cheerfully forgot all about it. I'll do that now. :/
16.01.08 (UTC)
Hiya! I'm Christa's friend, Juli. She told me to add you here and all that good stuff. So I hear you're coming over to the States in March?? You better come with us to see Madina Lake ;)
17.01.08 (UTC)
Hi! Good to meet you! :) I should be in the States in February, though I have no idea exactly what I'm going to be doing for most of the time. But heck yeah I'm coming to see Madina Lake - love 'em! It'll be the third time; hardly impressive, but I'm keeping a tally. ^^
31.05.08 (UTC)
Hi! I'm friending you for fic-access, could you please friend me back?
31.05.08 (UTC)
Sure thing! I love new friends. :) If it's just for fic access, though, there's really no need, since all my fics and my fic masterpost are all unlocked (or should be). Still, good to meetcha!
10.11.08 (UTC)
Adding you :)
Add me?
11.11.08 (UTC)
Sure thing! How'd you come across me, if you don't mind me asking?
21.11.08 (UTC)
It was one of those random accidents in life. You know, when a links leads you to another and other and so on ;)
28.04.09 (UTC)
It's me (bees). I got bored and decided I needed somewhere to host my works. It occurs to me that it would be nice if someone read them. Please?
11.05.09 (UTC)
Yo, pawnda. Sorry I've been gone awhile - my seven overdue essays called. I'll certainly take a look over your stuff; I like reading you.
13.02.14 (UTC) - Happy Birthday!
Birthday Ninja sneaks in, bearing cake. Hope it is a good one!
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